11 July 2013

Steam Summer Sale! DLC Quest 66% off!

Gosh it’s that time of the year again already: the Steam Summer Sale is upon us! If you happened to miss the daily deal a few weeks back, I have good news!

Get DLC Quest on Steam for 66% off for the duration of the sale! That’s right, DLC Quest is only a buck from July 11th – July 22nd!

Go forth and enjoy!

20 June 2013

DLC Quest now available on the Humble Store!

The fine folks at Humble Bundle have set me up with a widget for their store, so now you have another option for buying DLC Quest! Buying it through the Humble Store will get you both DRM-free copies of the game for Windows and Mac in addition to a Steam key (which also nets the Windows and Mac versions). There’s even an option to add a tip if you feel so inclined :)

Plus the widget is super cool. You can find it on the DLC Quest page, but I can also just add it here, to this very post!


18 March 2013

DLC Quest and Live Freemium or Die now available on Steam, XBLIG, Desura, and Mac App Store!

Launch day! DLC Quest gets a major update today with the release of the Live Freemium or Die campaign, which brings:

  • A whole new full-length quest
  • New speed-run timer
  • New awardments
  • And of course, new DLC!

If you pick up the game on PC or Mac, you get both the original DLC Quest and the new Live Freemium or Die campaign. On Xbox, you can buy either campaign separately.

Already have DLC Quest on Desura or the Mac App Store? Just grab the latest version to get the new content! Woo!

So head on over to the Games page, choose your platform and get playing!

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