2 November 2012

Happy Birthday DLC Quest!

One year ago, I pressed the button to release DLC Quest on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace. Seems like only yesterday!

For giggles, here’s how it performed over the past 366 days on Xbox:

Days on Marketplace: 366
Number of Trials: 50462
Number of Purchases: 46405
Purchase/Trial Ratio: 91.96%
Average # of Purchases per day: 126


If you do the math (but don’t, I have already done it for you), that works out to (on average) a copy of DLC Quest purchased on Xbox roughly every 11 minutes for the past year.

Huge thank you to everybody who played it, talked about it, emailed me about it, and just generally supported me over the past year!

Oh, and DLC Quest is sitting in 6th place over on Steam Greenlight. Give it a vote, would you?

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