16 January 2013

DLC Quest gets the Greenlight! Coming soon to Steam!

Did you hear the good news? DLC Quest was selected in the latest batch of Greenlight games, which means it will soon see a Steam release!

HUGE thanks to everyone who supported the Greenlight campaign with votes, comments, tweets, and spreading the word. You literally made this happen!

A few quick answers to some common questions:

When will DLC Quest be available on Steam?

I don’t know yet! It will take some time to finish up the “Live Freemium or Die!” expansion and get Steam features integrated. Hopefully it will show up sometime in February, but there’s a lot to do so don’t hold me to it. I’ll try my best!

How much will it cost?

I don’t know yet! I haven’t spoken with Valve to determine pricing. I would like to keep it in line with pricing on Desura and the Mac App Store however. Again, no promises just yet.

Will “Live Freemium or Die!” be included?

Yes! PC/Mac versions of the game will included the expansion.

I bought the game in the Indie Royale/on Desura. Will I get a Steam key?

I hope so! I believe this is possible, and I will try my best to make it happen. It seems to have been feasible for other games in the past, so I am hopeful I can get Steam keys to all Desura owners who want one.


That’s it for now! Thanks again everyone! Back to work for me :)

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