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11 July 2013

Steam Summer Sale! DLC Quest 66% off!

Gosh it’s that time of the year again already: the Steam Summer Sale is upon us! If you happened to miss the daily deal a few weeks back, I have good news! Get DLC Quest on Steam for 66% off … Continue reading

20 June 2013

DLC Quest now available on the Humble Store!

The fine folks at Humble Bundle have set me up with a widget for their store, so now you have another option for buying DLC Quest! Buying it through the Humble Store will get you both DRM-free copies of the … Continue reading

18 March 2013

DLC Quest and Live Freemium or Die now available on Steam, XBLIG, Desura, and Mac App Store!

Launch day! DLC Quest gets a major update today with the release of the Live Freemium or Die campaign, which brings: A whole new full-length quest New speed-run timer New awardments And of course, new DLC! If you pick up … Continue reading

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