About Going Loud Studios

Going Loud Studios
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Founded: 2010
Owner: Ben Kane

Going Loud Studios is an independent games studio founded and operated by Ben Kane. It was established in late 2010 in Ottawa, Canada shortly after Ben’s departure from industry to pursue a career in independent game development. The company’s first title, Zombie Accountant, was released in November 2010 for Windows Phone 7, followed shortly thereafter by a Xbox 360 release. The tongue-in-cheek title set the tone for Going Loud Studio’s light-hearted and addictive style. The next major release came in June 2011 with Lair of the Evildoer, an action RPG with twin-stick shooter vibe and roguelike twist. Going Loud’s third title, DLC Quest, launched in November 2011 for Xbox 360 and was met with stunning reception, eventually winning Official Xbox Magazine’s Xbox LIVE Indie Game of the Year 2011.

“DLC Quest” and its pack-in sequel “Live Freemium or Die” received the Greenlight from Valve for release on Steam in late 2012 and were released on March 18th, 2013.

Want to get in touch with Ben? Contact him on Twitter @benkane or send him an email: ben@goingloudstudios.com

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