DLC Quest Press, Articles, Interviews and Reviews


Official Xbox Magazine – “Indie Game of the Year 2011” (January 2012 print edition)

Famitsu 360 – Xbox Indie Pick of the Month (January 2012 print edition)

Kotaku’s Favorites – Week of November 17th, 2011

Mac App Store – “Featured” App for the week of May 18th, 2012 (Hit #1 Paid Game in the US during this period)

Canadian Videogame Awards 2012 – Best Indie (Finalist)



Joystiq – “The Joystiq Indie Pitch: DLC Quest”

Official Xbox Magazine – “Indieverise: Embarking on a DLC Quest” (also appears in Jan 2012 print edition)

Games Radar – “Of DLC and quests – an interview with GoingLoud Studios’ Ben Kane”

Indie Game Magazine – “Let’s Get Loud with Ben Kane”

8-Bit Girl – “An Interview with Ben Kane (DLC Quest)”

Trendy Gamers – “An Interview With: Ben Kane, Creator of DLC Quest”

Just Press Start – “Episode 81: DLC Quest Postmortem” [Podcast]



Gamasutra – “Dungeon Defenders and DLC Quest highlight this week’s Best of Indie Games” (May 18th, 2012)

Develop Online – “Game mocking DLC most popular on Desura” (Mar 16th, 2012)

The Globe and Mail – “Small game studios deliver big fun: Two $1 indies worth trying” (Feb 9th, 2012)

Kotaku – “Sometimes Downloadable Content isn’t Just in the Game, it is the Game” (Nov 4th, 2011)

Games Radar – “DLC Quest trailer microtransactions its way into our heats” (Nov 7th, 2011)

Game Informer – “Xbox Live Indie Game Imagines A World Where DLC Goes Too Far” (Nov 8th, 2011)



Total Biscuit – “WTF Is… DLC Quest?”

Gamespot – “It Came From Xbox LIVE!”

Northernlion – “Let’s Look At – DLC Quest”



The Game Jar – “One of the greatest indie games you may ever play.” [9/10]

Thinking While Playing – “Like the greatest short films, it is perfectly edited to use its entire running time in the service of its themes.” [8.5 /10]

Gaming Unwrapped – “If you’re looking for something original and creative, I give no hesitation in recommending this title.” [8.5/10]

OneClickMac – “…the character lines and DLC descriptions should get you every time” [3/5]

XBLA Fans – “DLC Quest is an excellent example of what a great indie game can be.” [Buy It]

Trendy Gamers – “…not only is the best game in the XBLIG section but it is also one of the best downloadable games on the Xbox 360.” [9.5/10]

Robot Geek – “More of this kind of thing please, indie developers.” [4/5]

Indie Gamer Chick – “This is the best example of gaming as a forum for humor I’ve seen on Xbox Live Indie Games thus far.” [No score]

Two Fedoras – “DLC Quest is a snazzy little game with a humorous point.” [7/10]

Brutal Gamer – “You’ll be laughing the entire way through as you notice all of the nuanced cliches and jokes.” [7.5/10]

DIY Gamer – “DLC Quest is tons of fun.” [No score]

Gamers Haven News – “Ben Kane and the group at Going Loud Studios have made another gem.” [8/10]

Just Press Start – “No it’s not the longest game in the world, but it’s hilarious and well worth the dollar. ” [No score]

ExtraGuy – “DLC Quest is a pretty clever little bit of satire and is worth a look if you’ve ever been peeved by the price of horse armor these days.” [B]

Fangwheel – “DLC Quest costs only 80 Microsoft Points ($1 USD) and is worth it for the chuckles it provides at the gaming industry’s expense.” [8/10]

Default Prime – “DLC Quest is worth a look for its originality factor alone” [3.5/5]

Wired Reviewers – “The game manages to be funner and cheaper then most of the DLC it parodies” [3.5/5]

The Gamer’s Abstract – “This game is extremely polished and it shows through every facet of its design.” [No score]

Digitally Downloaded – “It’s a quick, fun, romp” [3.5/5]

Blackman ‘n Robin – “…one of the most amusing, interesting, and unique games I’ve run across in a very long time.” [3.75/5]

The Indie Shelter – [9/0] (Italian)

Nord Nordursins – [9/10] (Icelanic)