Lair of the Evildoer Press


Crush! Frag! Destroy! Xbox Live Indie-Dome: June 13th – 19th, 2011 – “Buy this game.” [“Must Play”]

Wethegamerz – “I would suggest it to anyone who wants to play a great RPG with a very creative storyline” [8/10]

Extra Guy – “On the other hand, this game still provides decent value for your dollar and, as concerns loot-whores like myself, I couldn’t stop playing until it was over.” [C+]

Default Prime – “Lair of the Evildoer is by far one of the best indie games available on Xbox Live” [8/10]

Brutal Gamer – “80 Microsoft Points would be put to great use here: while not the greatest game to hit the Xbox Live Arcade, there’s quality here that deserves your attention and love.” [8/10]

Clearance Bin Review – XBLIG Spotlight – “It is simple, but the combat is balanced with just enough RPG like elements to provide some depth.  Most importantly, it’s pretty fun to play.” [8/10]

Critical Hit! – “… an interesting and surprisingly well-made shooter/RPG with enough charm to truly separate itself from much of what can be found in the Indie Games section.”  [17/20]

Gamers Daily News – “Some repetitive segments and AI flaws aside, your $1 USD/80 Microsoft Points will [get] you a few hours of decent entertainment and with that in mind I can easily recommend giving this title a try; it’s a fine way to spend a few hours.”  [8/10] “Silver Award”

1-UP or Poison – “The presentation is pleasing, the music is great, the gameplay is tight, and the game has a quirky sense of humor.” [“Good”]

Vivid Gamer – ” Lair of the Evildoer is riddled with dry humor, from the beginning all the way until the end, which helped make it a fun experience” [5/10] – “While this game has a lot of opportunities to improve, there is some interesting gameplay to be had to make it well worth your 80 MSP” [3/5]

Game2Gamer – “There is quite a bit of replay value here if you choose to take advantage of it and if you appreciate games like this.” [3.5/5]

XBLAFans – “All in all this is a solid product that easily stands head and shoulders above most of the XBLIG crowd.” [“Buy It”]


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