11 May 2012

DLC Quest videos around the web!

Two notable DLC Quest videos hit the web today!

First, you can check out a mini-review from Let’s Play’er extraordinaire Northernlion!

Second, DLC Quest was included in this week’s episode of “It Came From Xbox LIVE!” over at Gamespot! It’s a fun series, check it out!

And just for giggles, this last one is an oldie but a goodie: check out TotalBiscuit’s “WTF Is… DLC Quest?” video from the game’s PC/Mac debut.

8 May 2012

DLC Quest now available on the Mac App Store!

It’s about time! Now Mac owners can get DLC Quest by visiting the Mac App Store!

And to celebrate, you can get the game for half off until May 14th! That’s just $0.99 USD!


3 May 2012

Around the Web

A few noteworthy interviews have popped up recently featuring yours truly!

The first is an article over at Joystiq and is focused on “Indie Chatter“, the YouTube indie gamedev vlog I started. Check it out!

The second is a great interview from the fine folks at Albatross Revue: read on for “10 Questions With… Ben Kane”!

How’s that for some afternoon reading?

Around the web