YouTube Policy

Are you a YouTuber looking to make videos about one of my games? Awesome! Here’s a statement that you can use to show you have my permission to monetize such videos:

I hereby grant permission to any and all YouTube content creators to place advertisements for the purpose of monetization on their videos of my games, including DLC Quest, Live Freemium or Die, Lair of the Evildoer, and Zombie Accountant.

– Ben Kane (Going Loud Studios creator)

If you do happen to make a video of my games, it would be swell if you could work the following into your video description:

  1. A link to my site (
  2. If covering DLC Quest or Live Freemium and Die, a link to Ozzed’s site, who provided the music for DLC Quest (

And always feel free to send me a link to your video! I love seeing that stuff! Happy Let’s Playing!